Meet the CMO

Michael Daehn

About Michael Daehn:

Michael Daehn is a 20 year marketing veteran focused on digital media and the CMO of Rent My CMO.

Michael Daehn has an MBA and is certified in Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing.

Michael Daehn has written 6 marketing books and worked with companies like Disney, Nordstrom, FranklinCovey, Joyce Meyer Ministries and the Orange County Department of Education.

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What Michael Daehn does for you:

Michael Daehn works with you to show you how to use digital and interactive media to drive traffic to your website (SEO) and convert visits into sales (UX).

Here’s what Michael has done for others:

● Created strategy for an ecommerce website with 12 million visits and $6 million in revenue – increased year over year sales by 48%
● Created strategy for a media website with 50 million visits and $10 million in revenue
● Managed email lists with over 500,000 subscribers
● Created dozens of social media strategies – grew one client to 1 million+ Twitter followers and 2 million+ Likes on Facebook
● Oversaw pay per click (PPC) campaigns with a 400% ROI and 6.5 ROAS
● Managed large teams and other managers including a Customer Service call center
● Managed dozens of website re-designs and launches
● Created and coordinated events with hundreds of attendees
● Implemented first user experience (UX) testing for several companies
● Taught courses on marketing and advertising at several universities
● Developed employee seminars and training programs for dozens of clients
● Developed and deployed an online marketing university, wrote all texts, syllabi, tests, videos and course materials
● Public speaker at several conferences and as a corporate trainer
● Author of 6 marketing books: Internet Marketing for Newbies, The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius, Marketing 2.0, 188 Business Tips (and 200 Questions) to Get Your Brain Juice Flowing, Marketing the Church, and Senior Care 2.0

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