HOW TO: Boost Your Facebook Likes by 500% in 2 Weeks

Facebook Advertising

If you are thinking of running ads on Facebook, maybe my experience can help. My client’s Facebook page was only a couple of weeks old and had under 100 Likes (after inviting known contacts to Like the page.) We wanted to get a little boost to start the page buzzing so we ran a campaign to get page Likes.

We ran the ad for 2 weeks and received 561 Likes. Total spend was $331. That’s about $.59 per Like. Campaign Reach (number of people who saw the ad) was over 40,000.

Likes are great, but what about traffic to the website? Facebook is now the #1 source of traffic for the main website.

Facebook has some nice ad targeting tools. My client has a fairly narrow target market and Facebook let me cater my ad to this specific audience. I also was able to run the same ad text with 7 different images. Once it was determined which image was the most popular (based on clicks) Facebook automatically optimized the ad, serving the most popular image for the remainder of the campaign.

So you need to ask yourself how much Likes and web traffic are worth to your business to determine if this is a good investment. Hopefully these numbers will help you make a better decision. 

Have you run ads on Facebook? What has your experience been? Please share in the comments.

Michael Daehn

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Two Tweaks to Fix Your Website (Corner Bakery)

Brought my laptop to do some work at Corner Baker today, free Wi-Fi. Looking at the website, there are a couple of tweaks I think could greatly improve the user experience (UX).

When I first connect to Wi-Fi it takes me to this page:

I’m pretty hungry and want to check out the menu before I go up to order. I try looking for a link to The Corner Bakery, but alas, there is none. I have to do a search to find the website.

Once on the site, I immediately search for the menu. I see a lot of things I can do like get the newsletter or follow on Twitter, but I don’t see a menu. (Note, it says my preferred location on the right side AFTER I went through the selection process. I like the fact that it now populates that information when I go to the Home page.)

Flag on the field! Hey wait a second, the menu is on the top bar. The problem is that it’s presented in such a way as not to be visible. White letters on a light blue background. A little hard to pick that up.

This website is beautiful. You can tell a lot of effort went into creating this site. Just add a link from the Wi-fi login and reconsider the color pallette on the menu and it’s gold.

Oh, and the bacon cheddar panini is divine.


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HOW TO: Get Started with Google Analytics (SLIDESHOW)

Google Analytics

Every site owner should have some key performance indicators (KPI’s) that they track. Things like visitors, sales and traffic sources are easy to set up and follow.

I put together this overview of Google Analytics for my clients. Google Analytics is a tool that every website owner should be using. It has a lot of information and can be overwhelming, but don’t be intimidated.

Google Analytics is free, so head over to and get started.

If you need help, let me know.

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Why Do Ad Agencies Hate Rent My CMO?

Rent My CMO

Rent My CMO | Smart Marketing on a Budget

If you need professional marketing and advertising for your business then advertising agencies will do wonderful work for you. They’ll also charge you a fortune. They’re not being cruel, they just have a lot of overhead.

An alternative for small business is to hire a full time marketing person. Not a bad idea, but again this can be expensive. By the time you pay their salary, benefits, health insurance and 401K you might be better off hiring an ad agency. And that doesn’t include office space, training and morale boosting staff activities.

There is a third alternative – rent your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Rent My CMO was started by me, Michael Daehn, to help you out as a small business owner. It also allows me to do what I do best: give marketing advice.

I’ve been doing marketing professionally for over 20 years now. I’ve been very successful. I’ve also made some bone headed mistakes. You are able to take advantage of both.

So here’s the call to action (take note of this for your own product):
Get started with Michael as your CMO for $99.

What you get for $99:

  • A 60 Minute consultation – ask any marketing question. Be sure to prepare your questions in advance to get the most bang for your buck.
  • $100 Google Adwords credit – if you are looking to get traffic to your website, Google Adwords is the industry standard. With this deal it’s like you’re getting paid to meet with me.

But wait there’s more (I had to say it):

  • 2 Free marketing books – you’ll get my Internet Marketing for Newbies book and The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius. Read these two books and you’ll be able to start your own marketing answers website.

I want you to be happy with your experience so:

  • There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your $99 is returned. No questions asked. Well, maybe a question about what I could do better, but I’ll still give you your money without a hassle.
  • Books and Adwords credit are yours to keep – my gift to you for giving it a shot.

Are you ready to get started? Just don’t tell the ad agencies.

Get Started


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